Leap is a logic brain game. Jump frogs over one another to clear the board in as few tries as possible. With each aditional level more frogs are added to the board increasing the difficulty. You can select 'Restart' to try again, 'Remake' to remake the level or 'New' to start over at level 1. The levels are random. So if you play a new game the levels will not be the same. Try to think ahead. You can only move/jump frogs that are beside other frogs. If you make a mistake and get stuck hit the 'Restart' button. There is no undo last move button.

Click a frog then click an empty lilly pad. If it is a legal move the frog will jump. When there is only one possible move the frog will jump as soon as you click it. Playing brain games can give your mind a good workout. They are good for your brain. For more brain training games check out the Mind games section of my site or go through the games list below. The games can be played on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. This game sets a cookie. If you come back within 30 days you can continue at the level you were on. It only stores the level number.

If the game is slow it is probably your browser. It works well with most browsers but it is slow on older versions of Internet Explorer.

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