Liquid Wet Paint Effect: Photo to Abstract Painting

Make realistic paintings or abstract art using fluid simulation. The liquid fluid effect allows you to stir or splatter the paint. Change it a little and it looks like an oil painting. Reduce the realism by messing it up and you end up with an abtract painting. It works best with bright images.

The image above is an example of what you can do with a photo. Below you will find the liquid paint canvas. Scroll down to reveal the paint filled canvas. Then use the mouse or your fingers to move the paint.

Open the controls to display a list of options. The first set of options is for the painting canvas. The second set is for copying and filtering the image. Select the filter values you want. Then copy the first canvas onto the second.

Learn how to make abstract art. For examples and detailed instructions visit Abstract Art Ideas for Beginners.

You can also use fluid similation on a blank canvas to create
random abstract art. Add colors to the cavas and see what you end up with.

Copyright Michael Hadwen